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Original Choreography

I discovered my passion for choreographing while earning my minor in dance and leading the UNCo Dance Alliance. I have choreographed tap, musical theatre jazz, ballet, and contemporary both in university and professional settings.  As a choreographer, I like to use the body (our most natural medium) to tell a story. Although I am a sucker for musicals with big flashy dance breaks, I thrive in settings like dance concerts or musicals where dance and the movement of the body tells the story and conveys a message. As a story teller, I create every movement with intention and motivation. We experience all of life with our bodies, not just our brains, so it is only natural for dance to be one of the most universal languages when it comes to storytelling. I try to approach dance as an art form that is made for everyone; whether someone has 1 year of dance training or more than 15, everyone can use their body to make art. In the same way that no two singers will sound exactly alike, all dancers bring something different and unique to the table. I always aim to collaborate with dancers and use their personal strengths to best bring my artistic visions to life. Some musicals I hope to choreograph in the future include Hair, Cabaret, Bandstand, Crazy for You, Songs for a New World, and more. 

STYLE: Contemporary

MUSIC: "Achilles Come Down" by Gang of Youths

(100K+ Views)


STYLE: Modern/Musical Theatre Jazz

MUSIC: Various songs by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

STYLE: Musical Theatre Tap 

MUSIC: "Bottom's Gonna Be on Top"

SHOW: Something Rotten!


STYLE: Musical Theatre Tap

MUSIC "A Musical"

SHOW: Something Rotten!


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