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Musings on casting as a trans actress

Thoughts on roles I've played

Jim Hawkins in Treasure island:
This was a fun role,. Even though I am a trans girl, I have so much lived experience as a "boy" so it was still fun getting to play this young adventurer! For the time being, I am still open to playing "boy" roles like this 

Buddy the Elf in Elf the Musical:
I stepped into this role as an understudy for about 1/4 of the entire run and it was one of the most run roles I've ever played and was actually SO gender euphoric. Even though Buddy is technically a 30 year old "man" he really is just a little kid with no gender. Christmas is his gender. I really resonated with how Buddy is immediately "different" or "othered" in every room he walks into, but he goes everywhere with so much confidence in who he is and he lets his joy touch everyone he meets, refusing to conform to how people want him (or them) to act. I would play this role again in a heart beat!

Sam in the regional premiere of In The Trenches:
Playing Sam in the regional premiere of this show was the most magical experience I've ever had in my theatre career, and it was hugely impactful in my gender journey. This is the only nonbinary role I've ever gotten to play, and I got to do it at the very beginning of my coming out journey. This show and this track gave me so much hope and joy specifically as a genderqueer actor, and that was a feeling that didn't come often in the regional theatre scene of Denver. 

Roles I want to play
R&H's Cinderella
Every time I see this show, my soul just screams "we need a trans cinderella!!!" Every lyric, every scene, every dance move in this show would speak volumes if Cinderella were played by a trans girl. I truly believe that is the kind of theatre and the kind of princess we need right now.

Fiona in Shrek
I've got my tap shoes ready, I can burp on command, all I need is to change some keys and I'm READY.

May in &Juliet
There are so few transfem roles out there, and so few of them get to sing BRITNEY SPEARS. This is a must play one day for me. Plus, I would rock the purple corset and gold leaf crown.

Claud/Claudia in Hair
There's no character in musical theatre that I feel like I relate to more than Claude. Even a traditionally played claude feels so nonbinary-coded, but my take on the character would lean into genderqueer expression and also go by "Claudia". Their struggle to search for purpose amidst such starkly contracting worldviews, their deep desire to give back to the world while being torn by the weight of such big decisions, these feelings are so strongly tied to my own journey as a trans girl who grew up in a military family where I was force fed a very traditional view on patriotism and "American values".


Nat Petit

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